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Toilet Repair and Replacement

If your toilet starts clogging, backing up, refusing to flush (multiple flushes needed) or is leaking it may be time to repair or replace your toilet.  Milton Plumbing & Heating can repair or replace your Milton toilet quickly and without the mess.

Milton Plumbing and Heating offers exceptional toilet repair, toilet installation and toilet replacement services for the resident of Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Campbellville, Acton, Georgetown and surround areas.  We are a locally owned and operated company providing personalized service and exceptional care.


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Should I repair or replace my toilet?

Sometimes it comes to choosing between repairing the toilet or buying a new one. If your toilet is older than 10 years it may not only have the risk of cracks but is most likely not efficient (uses a great deal of water) which can cost you in the long run.  Although we will give you our personal opinion on replacement when we visit your home or office below are some recommendations:

Cracked Porcelain – probably easiest to simply replace the toilet.

Frequent Clogging – this may be a problem with the pipes and not the toilet itself. We will investigate and give you the proper resolution.

Leaking on the Floor – this is most likely due to an old or misaligned seal. We can replace the seal for a reasonable cost. Often times it makes financial sense to replace the toilet at the same time if it’s old (this will save you a great deal of water and money in the long run).

Running Toilet – if your toilet is continuously running (or even slowly dripping) you will end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars in wasted water. We’ll investigate and provide you with the best solution.

Don’t let toilet problems spoil your life. Feel free to give us a call today at 905-699-8898 or use or contact form to request an appointment.  We provide toilet repair and replacement for Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Acton, Campbellville and Georgetown. 

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If you are a home or business and would like more information about backflow prevention please contact us at 905-699-8898 or use our contact form.

Milton Plumbing and Heating provides backflow protection for Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Campbellville, Acton and Georgetown.


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With Milton Plumbing and Heating’s Straight Forward Pricing you only pay for the work completed.  Owner Alex Schrempf prides himself on honesty, hard work and integrity and ensures all jobs are completed on time and on budget.  Customer service is key to running a local business and Alex knows what it means to provide friendly, knowledgeable service.  All employees are held to the highest of standards to ensure you receive only the best possible work!


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