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Backflow Protection

On October 21, 2012 Ontario Regulation 332/12 was launched and officially went into effect January 1st of 2014. Essentially backflow problems in the past have caused substantial problems and health issues for towns and cities in Canada. One such incident involved the town of Stratford Ontario in March of 2005. After a red foamy substance was discovered in the drinking water system businesses and schools were shut down for several days. It was then discovered that a local car wash did not have a properly installed backflow prevention device resulting in the drinking advisory for more than 30 000 residents. 

Backflow Protection

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What is Backflow?

Backflow is literally the ‘flowing back’ of water from a home or business into the public water system. This reversal of flow can result in pollution of the public water system as well as serious potential health risks.

How do I prevent Backflow?

Normally the water within any drinking water system will flow in one direction. However, back pressure (more pressure from within a business or home – greater than what is coming in) can result in backflow. Preventing this backflow of water can be accomplished by implementing a backflow system. This is accomplished by installing backflow protection devices as provided by Milton Plumbing and Heating. The devices are determined based on the number of possible and actual cross-connections within a particular drinking water system.

Backflow protection in the Halton Region:

The backflow protection program in Halton (CCCP or Cross-Connection Control Program) was developed to ensure the drinking water in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown and Acton is safe by preventing possible drinking water contamination. The Cross-Connection By-Law can be found here.

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Milton Plumbing and Heating provides backflow protection for Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Campbellville, Acton and Georgetown.


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