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Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution - IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) refers to the physical, chemical, and biological state of indoor air. It's the air quality within and around buildings and, in reality, refers to the health, comfort, and protection of building occupants.  Indoor Air Pollution refers to the contaminants that may enter a building and pose risk to the occupants.  Understanding and controlling risks (especially in light of Covid19) is essential in maintaining a safe school, or working environment.

Causes of Indoor Air Pollution:

  • Viruses - while we are all doing our best to practice social distancing during the Covid19 pandemic it is a virus that spreads via social transmission.  
  • Household cleaning products - often produce toxic gases into the household that are left hanging in the air.
  • Building materials - such as newly installed carpet and upholstery.
  • Household Cleaning Materials
  • Excess Moisture

The relative importance of any single source depends on how much of a given pollutant it emits and how hazardous those emissions are.

Milton Plumbing and Heating (HVAC) has Ventilation solutions that will allow for Halton residents to have extremely clean indoor air and keep as safe as possible during this troubling time.

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Indoor Air Pollution
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