Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair
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No Cold Air? Whether it's the first hot day of the summer or in the middle of a heat wave it seems air conditioner fail at the most inopportune times.  There is nothing worse than sweating the heat inside your home or trying to sleep without air conditioning.  If your A/C fails we will visit your home as soon and possible to diagnose and repair your air conditioner.  If it is not repairable then our HVAC technicians will suggest the best option to replace and install a new air conditioner for you.  We provide emergency air conditioning repair 7 days a week.

My A/C has Stopped Working What DO I Do?

Before calling us to repair your air conditioning unit there are a few things you can check yourself:

  • Does the battery in your thermostat need changing?
  • Is your furnace filter clogged?
  • Has the breaker been tripped and simply needs resetting?

If the above are all normal then you may indeed be in need for an air conditioner repair.  Many new homes in Southern Ontario come complete with a new air conditioner however these units are often not reliable past the limited warranty.  If you do still have warranty on your unit we suggest contact them first.  However if the warranty is up call us at 905-699-8898 and we'll come diagnose the problem.  If your air conditioning unit is not repairable we will suggest an appropriate a/c replacement.

Call us.  We will come as soon as possible to diagnose the problem and ensure your home has cool air once again.

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Straight Forward Pricing Guarantee

Straight Forward Air Conditioning Repair Pricing

With Milton Plumbing and Heating's Straight Forward Pricing you only pay for the work completed.  Owner Alex Schrempf prides himself on honesty, hard work and integrity and ensures all air conditioner repair jobs are completed on time and on budget.  Customer service is key to running a local business and Alex knows what it means to provide friendly, knowledgeable service.  All employees are held to the highest of standards to ensure you receive only the best possible work!

Emergency A/C Repair?

If you have a no-cool emergency and need your air conditioner repaired immediately call us and we'll have you cool in no time!