Outdoor Water Faucet Repair/Replacement

Leaking faucets is one of the most common and annoying household issues. Both indoor and outdoor faucets need repair at times. Indoor faucets are used more frequently and therefore wear down faster. However, outdoor faucets are more exposed to elements and may need an even more serious repair. For this reason, repairing outdoor faucets is less of a do-it-yourself matter. 

Why do we use outdoor faucets?

Outdoor faucets are used during warm seasons more frequently. We use hose bibs for purposes like watering our gardens, washing cars, paths and windows on the outside, filling/washing pools, etc. 

Outdoor faucet issues

There is hardly a household owner who has never had to deal with faucet leaks. Many prefer to repair/replace faucets themselves. However, repairing/replacement of outdoor faucet is more challenging than doing indoor ones. This is a kind of thing that you’d better trust a professional to do.

Why do it immediately?

Every time you see water running from a faulty faucet, you actually see your money running down the drain. Even if it is just dripping or trickling, it requires immediate repair, because things may get worse overnight. It may flood your (and maybe your neighbors’) area and cause an even more serious material damage.

Usually, there is one common issue: faucets begin to leak one day. The cause may be different. It depends on the type of your faucet, its quality, for how long it has been in use and how properly you have been handling it. 

Call us!

Milton Plumbing and Heating is a plumbing company with a team of trained plumbers, who can fix any problem in less than no time. We are available 24/7, so if a faucet in your yard has failed you and it is late at night, please, contact us. 

What we do

Prior to doing any work, we carry out a thorough diagnostics. First, we cut off water supply, take out the faucet, check its parts and, based on what we see, bring out a verdict. A leak may occur if part of the faucet (the valve stem assembly, washer, etc.) gets rusty and eventually collapses. We know all types of faucets and taps that are still in use and can provide any part and replace the faulty one. If your system gets too worn down and obsolete, we can replace it entirely. 

Our workers have advanced equipment and tools, which won’t miss the tiniest crack and/or leak. Once your problem is fixed, we can check your entire plumbing system on site and report other issues, if any.

How do I prolong my faucet’s life?

There are a few tips, which you should follow to keep your system functional year round.

  1. Check pressure on a regular basis. If you notice a drop in pressure, most likely, your faucet is not all right.
  2. Prepare your system for winter. Disconnect hoses, drain the remaining water from it and cover the faucet. Failure to do so (letting the remaining water freeze) may cause your hose to burst. If your faucet gets iced up, you may have a harder time turning it on/off. You will have to apply physical force too frequently. This may reduce the faucet’s life.

Milton Plumbing and Heating offers high-quality outdoor water faucet repair or replacement with straight forward pricing to MiltonOakvilleActon and surrounding area. Feel free to call us directly at 905-699-8898 or schedule an appointment online at our Contact page.

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