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Natural gas is widely used not just in Canada but throughout the world to heat homes and power different appliances from stoves to fireplaces. Gas is a great benefit but it may be hazardous and easily become a devastating disaster, if it goes out of control as a result of gas line break or leakage.

That’s why you should always be careful with gas and call a professional immediately if you have the slightest suspicion for gas leakage. The sooner you call for help the better, as natural gas is extremely flammable and may even cause explosion.

Milton Plumbing and Heating offers a wide variety of services including gas line leak detection, gas line repairs and gas lines re-pipe for the residents in Milton, Acton, Campbellville, Georgetown, Burlington, and Oakville, Ontario.

Keep an eye out for these warning signs that will indicate gas pipe rupture alert: 

Distinctive odor. You would never smell natural gas itself. The specific unpleasant smell is added for safety purposes to make it easy to identify. This odor is very similar to the one coming from rotten eggs.

Hissing sounds can also be heard in case of a gas line leakage in your house. Of course, it is possible to distinguish this sound only if there are no loud noises in the room. 

If you happen to detect any of these signs, do not try to repair gas leakage by yourself. Let experienced professionals keep your gas line intact and securely supply your home or office in Milton with gas to heat your home and power your appliances.

Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Therefore make it a rule to have your home piping system regularly inspected at least once a year. This measure will help you reduce the risk of gas problems.

Milton Plumbing and Heating proudly offers gas services to all the homes and business in Milton, Acton, Georgetown, Campbellville, Burlington and Oakville, Ontario. We have built up a friendly team of experts with great experience in gas leak detection and repair.

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