Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal: what is it?

A garbage disposal is a device that turns food waste into a soft mass and sends it down the drain. Its main function is breaking down large pieces of food to prevent the clogging of waste pipes. Food waste comes in from sinks and dishwashers. Usually, garbage disposals are fixed between the sink and the drain pipe, so the stuff passes through the device and further down the drain.

How it works

The device features the following main components: an electric motor, grinding ring, spinning plate, grind ring, and upper/lower hoppers. The spinning plate is located at the bottom of the grinding chamber. It is equipped with impellers – rotating elements, which are mounted on the spinning plate. As garbage falls onto the spinning plate, the impellers chop and force it against the stationary grind ring. Once the garbage is turned into a liquefied paste-like substance, the water from the faucet washes it out of the device and into the waste pipe system.

Things you should not do

If handled properly, a waste disposal will run a lifetime. However, many household owners fail to use their devices in the right way and eventually face problems. There are a number of do-nots that every user must know:

Do not throw hard and non-biodegradable stuff into your waste disposal. It may damage the spinning plate and motor. Materials, which you should not throw into the device, include glass, metal, paper, cigarette butts, etc.

  • Do not overload your system with starchy or fibrous materials like potato peels, onion and banana skin, corn husks, etc. They tend to form a sticky mass that may impede the rotation of the spinning plate.
  • Do not turn off water when grinding. It is absolutely imperative that food waste be washed out of the device during the process. Failure to do so may cause food to accumulate in the chamber, jam the spinning plate and the motor, and damage them.
  • Do not put large and hard bones into the device.
  • Do not throw food like rice or pasta down your garbage disposal, because they expand in water and may cause clogs.
  • Do not pour fat, oil, or grease into the unit. These substances tend to build up gradually and cause jams and clogs in the device and the drain pipe system.
  • Do not pour combustible agents into the system.
  • Do not use acidic drain pipe cleaners or bleach. It is advisable to use natural sanitizers to remove odor.
  • Before turning off water and motor, wait until the grinding is completed. After switching off the system, keep cold water running for at least 30 seconds to wash away the remaining waste.

Use professional help only!

Failure to follow these simple rules can result in improper functioning: unstable rotation, damaged spinning plate and impellers, incomplete chopping, leaks, or complete failure of the device. If you have spotted a problem, please, stop using your waste disposal immediately and address your local maintenance service. Do not try to fix the problem yourself! A garbage disposal is an advanced kind of system, and it takes certain skills and experience to repair it.

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